The Future of Cyber Security

November 10, 2016 

CyberForward – a fresh perspective on cyber security.

A conference and exhibition aimed at senior decision-makers with responsibility for making decisions about the direction of their enterprise cybersecurity.

Our digital lives are under assault. As our global connectivity grows, so do the incidents of data breaches and penetrations.

CyberForward DC is a conference and exhibition aimed at decision-makers with responsibility for the security of their enterprise data, intellectual property and customer/citizen information.

Target audience are mid to upper level business and Government executives in the mid-Atlantic area who have cyber security strategy planning, execution or governance responsibilities for medium to large sized organizations.  It will also target policy-makers in the Washington D.C. area.

Innovation, speed, agility.  These are the keys to successful strategies in today’s markets and cyber is no different.  What are the ideas investors are looking for, what drives their decisions to bet on a new product?  How do the entrepreneurs think about security today?  Who are the hot startups, why were they funded, why are they in such demand?

In just one day this event will arm attendees with insights they can apply in their own organization’s approach to cyber.  Talks from leading researchers, venture capitalists and hot new start-ups illuminate the new ideas that markets are catching on and proving valuable.

The conference looks at the global forces shaping cyberspace and cyber security policy, and how these are inexorable shaping the future right before our eyes, and provides essential intelligence that enables corporate and government leaders to assess the suitability of their own cyber security strategies. 



“Cybersecurity is something you will only need more of as humanity gets more tech-oriented”
Tom Ahi Dror of the Israeli National Cyber Bureau

Cyber is being driven by several forces: changing demographics; global connectivity; and persistent, sophisticated threats.  Over the past 10 years, the world has witnessed unprecedented growth and innovation in information and communications technology.  In the future the emerging economies of the world that will witness extraordinary connectivity growth while the developed world plateaus.  By 2025, there will be upwards of 4.7 Billion people online of which 75 percent will come from emerging economies. The next decade will witness continued technological growth, causing significant demographic shifts with economic and security implications.  These three trends present challenges for the future cybersecurity. 


Time Event
7:30 AM Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:00 AM Welcome and Overview
Dave Chesebrough, Vice President Program Development/AFEI
Dr. Jane LeClair, Thomas Edison State University
8:30 AM The Cybersecurity Imperative
ADM Thad Allen, USCG (ret), Executive Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton (confirmed)
9:00 AM Security Over the Horizon: the view from a research perspective
Andrew Howard (confirmed)
9:30 AM Innovation in Cyber:  Government and Industry Collaboration
Brad Medairy, Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton (confirmed)
10:00 AM Networking Break
10:30 AM Effective Innovation: Identifying and Integrating Disruptive Technology
Gabe Martinez, CCO, Anomali (confirmed)
11:00 AM Containerizing and Scaling Security Infrastructure: the intersection of network, development, and security
Liam Randall, Senior Director of Criticalstack (confirmed)
11:30 AM Securing your Mobile Device and its Associated Enterprise Software
Kia Behnia, CEO of PowWow (confirmed)
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Managed Security Services
Scott Suhy, CEO Netwatcher (confirmed)
1:30 PM The future of Security is in AI
Greg Martin, CEO of Jask Labs (confirmed)
2:00 PM Cloud-based Network Security: how to address the workforce needs of the future
Gene Stevens, CTO and Co-Founder, ProtectWise (confirmed)
2:30 PM Networking Break
3:00 PM Internet of Things Security
Chris Risley, CEO of Bastille (confirmed)
3:30 PM Instrumented Security
Chris Key, CEO of Verodin (confirmed)
4:00 PM Adjourn